KCK Adventure

KCK Adventure Update Spring 2020

I want to periodically share updates regarding my adventures in visiting KCK neighborhoods. Covid-19 has shut down all neighborhood meetings for the time being so now seems like a good time for an update.

Back in January I attended the Armourdale Renewal Association board meeting this morning thanks to an invite from my friend Dinie. They’re one of the most organized boards I’ve witnessed, very impressed. They host quite a few events and programs.

At the end of January I attended a great meeting co-hosted by my good friend Deniese. This meeting was actually a group meeting made up of Welborn Community Watch, Welborn Lake, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Field of Dreams, Cernech Area Neighborhood Association, and North Welborn Watch. I thought this was a great way to combat dwindling attendance while encouraging collaboration between neighbors regardless of their formal neighborhood membership.

In February I attended the Pomeroy, Quindaro, and Stony Point neighborhood meetings. Pomeroy had pretty good turn out and are very engaged with their community police officer. Quidaro skewed toward the older demographic and had a really interesting project. They received funding from CCF to fund a fruit tree orchard! Not only does that provide fun, outdoor, healthy tasks that can be handled by older folks, but also provides delicious fruit. What a fantastic idea! Stony Point had a good turn out and the members were really engaged. They deal with more crime and graffiti than I realized.

At the end of February I attended Argentine Betterment Corporation’s meeting. They had 25 people attend and skewed toward the younger demographic, which was a hopeful surprise. The members were very interested in the local government policies and activities.

I’m still on hold due to the pandemic. Once meetings restart I will too.