KCK Adventure

Learning from Kansas City, KS Neighborhoods

I’ve been involved in my Kansas City, KS (KCK) community since I first moved here. But I haven’t branched out too much beyond my own borders.

I met with the amazing Andrea at Livable Neighbors today. If you just go by what you read online, you’d think that all neighborhoods are imploding and no one is doing anything. I know this not to be the case at all because I get to meet the neighborhood “allies” with this project. Meeting with Andrea opened my eyes even more. There are so many hard-working, talented people investing in their community.

I’m setting out on a mission to visit every neighborhood group in KCK and will try to document my visits on this blog. My goal is to learn strategies being used to improve and engage membership, then compile and report my findings to the groups, and here, with a concise guide of what works and doesn’t.

It’s over 5 years old now, but this is a great video from the two experts on community of our day: