Personal Responses

I met with the insightful LaMonica the Neighborhood Outreach and Engagement Coordinator at the Center for Neighborhoods in KCMO. She previously worked with Andrea at Livable Neighborhoods in KCK as a Neighborhood Liaison.

She shared a lot of helpful information, but we Americans love our “sound bites” so I want to share this with the folks trying to engage with their neighbors:

Don’t expect personal response from impersonal outreach.

LaMonica M. Upton MSOD – January 28, 2020

When trying to figure out to engage our apathetic members I know, personally, I think about postcards, flyers, even things like Facebook boosted posts/ads. But it just doesn’t seem to help get residents to engage with their neighborhood association. I’m still researching strategies that work, but I’m focusing on the human part of the equation, the great part about being a neighbor and not a digital “Facebook Friend.”

Taylor and LaMonica