Community Ally Suite of Tools

Shutting Down the Suite of Tools

It is with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that Community Ally will be shutting down. I’m sorry to pile on bad news with this pandemic we’re all facing, but I want to give you as much notice as possible. On the bright side, we’re giving you a year heads up, we plan to shut down April 2021. We can’t keep up with the quality and feature set of the paid options out there. You can find a pretty good listing of alternatives here:

We’re still here to help. We’ve recently added the ability to export vendor data as well as export all your documents to a zip file so backing up your data is easy.

It breaks my heart to ask this and go back on my promise to keep the existing site free forever, but if you are willing to pay $1/home/month, let me know. If I can get 85% of associations to commit then I will be able to keep the site running.